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The high-quality natural spring water GRABMÜLLER QUELLWASSER is pumped in the important natural protected area of the North Bohemian Chalk and bottled without any treatment at the place of pumping.

Its age is expertly estimated at more than 70,000 years. The spring, which extends to a depth of 400 metres below the surface of the ground, has been protected for millennia by impermeable layers of the earth’s crust, enclosed by powerful blocks of underground rock.

These and other natural influences eventually created a miracle – water that tastes delicious and is perfectly suited for hydration and regular drinking thanks to its absolute purity, natural alkalinity, pH 7.6, higher calcium content and mineral composition.

Who are we?

We not only produce quality Prague chocolate, we offer you a unique experience full of sensual chocolate flavours. We want luxury chocolate to become a passion and a joy of life for you, just like for us.

Steiner & Kovařík chocolates are also sold outside the Czech Republic. In addition to our six factories and shops in Prague, you can find our chocolate in Germany, Spain, Japan and Oman, where we deliver our chocolate to the palace of the Sultan himself.

Since the beginning of our chocolate story, we have had a big dream: to share our vision of quality and uplifting chocolate with as many people as possible. That’s why we want to present this vision to the world with our hearts on our sleeves.

Quality first

The ZDRAVO project, which began in 2002, has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign consumers over the past few years, mainly thanks to its well-chosen production programme and the high quality of its fruit and vegetable products. The Zdravo Organic factory primarily produces 100% natural juices without the use of concentrates (NFC technology), without the additional addition of water, sugar, artificial colours and flavours. Other product categories include 100% natural vegetables (cucumbers, beetroot, peppers, etc.), ajvar (pepper spread), jams and puddings. All products are protected by pasteurisation.

What is matcha?

MATCHA IS 100% GREEN TEA. The dried pulp of the youngest tea leaves is ground into a fine powder. There is no fermentation in the production of matcha, no colorants, additives or preservatives are added.

How is matcha made?

FOUR WEEKS BEFORE THE HARVEST, THE TEA FIELDS ARE COMPLETELY SHADED. This filters out up to 90% of the sunlight. The plant compensates for the lack of light by intensive chlorophyll production. Covering the tea bushes results in thinner and tastier leaves. They also retain more nutritional benefits.

About us

Like all good ideas, our patisserie came into being through a combination of luck, chance and enthusiasm. Me (Honza) and Tomáš are long-time friends and enthusiasts of good quality food.

Tomáš went through many cooking stints in renowned Prague kitchens until he landed the position of chef. I, on the other hand, worked in the corporate sector and developed a successful managerial career in banking. One evening in June, we met for a beer, both of us tired of the daily routine. Tomas brought his homemade pâté with wheat beer to sample. At that moment a big idea was born in our heads, our new goal, our life challenge. This is where it all began. What followed were many meetings together, testing, tasting, comparing… The aptly named Melememaso didn’t wait long.

Constantly tweaking and inventing new flavours is what we do every day. We enjoy it, we are in our element, we do it with our hearts. If we succeed, consider for yourself, taste it!

About us

Since 2019. We open the doors to our neighbourhood with the smell of freshly baked bread and pastries. Artic originates from Iceland and specializes in sourdough bread, with a focus on quality and freshness of products.

Our story

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Our bread

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Enthusiasm for teas and spices

At SONNENTOR we produce teas, spices and other goodies from herbs in the highest organic quality. We do business in a sustainable and people-friendly way. You can see this for yourself at our headquarters in Čejkovice near Hodonín, where we have a Herb Paradise open for you.

You can find SONNENTOR organic products on the shelves of our sunny shops in Prague, Brno and Čejkovice as well as in partner stores, health food stores and specialty shops. You can also use our e-shop to make your purchase and we will deliver the solar package full of joy to your home.

Smarty BIO drinks

Smarty BIO drinks are characterised by their functionality.

Today’s dynamic times often call for new and novel approaches that not only refresh our lives but also boost our health. Introducing the premium range of Smarty BIO drinks. They are sweetened with birch sugar and of course contain no preservatives or added colourings.

Sometimes it’s not enough to quench your thirst. Give your body what it needs.

Flowers are not a luxury,
flowers are a joy

We are dedicated to…

selling cut and potted flowers. In our offer you will find mostly seasonal flowers, also from proven domestic growers. Our flowers arrive on your table within a short time after cutting and thanks to this we guarantee you to buy quality and fresh flowers.